BTTD #66: Where are these children coming from?

published10 months ago
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Let's get right to it.

Where are All These (Strange) Children Coming From?

I like adventures that are like, "What in the elemental plane of nonsense is going on here?" If you're like me, this one is right up your alley.

Location: in a town or city. Either is fine.

Level: You can scale this idea up or down depending on the solution that is necessary.

Weirdness: I'm going to put this at "high."

The characters are in town and you set them on an adventure. Rescue this. Search for that. Find that one thing. Investigate the tower that showed up in the middle of a field that sings the dirges of forgotten gods. You know, the usual.

Then just about as they are about to leave—portals open up in random places around the characters and one simple, but strange thing happens:

Someone puts a baby through portal and sets it down. A strange looking baby.

And this happens over and over again. Portals open up, weird babies are being shoved through and the portal disappears.

People have to scramble to take care of the babies, but after an hour there are forty babies and they keep coming. So many babies.

After some investigation the characters can:

  • Attempt to go through the other side, but they have to be fast.
  • Use magic to hold the portals open.
  • Send messages through the portals.
  • By magical means close the portals.
  • Discover a current planetary conjunction that is making a locale much easier to navigate by magic.

The characters, when they get to the other side of the portal, discover a dying world. Wizards and clerics are sending their young through the portal for the character's world to take care of. They are shipping the newborns first, and then more and more children until their magic wears out. (They could be using a relic, their magic, gods' magic, what have you.)

And since it's one portal for one child, no one is going to help them get back to their world since it will cost the lives of people who don't get a portal. Once the magic is spent, it's over.

The character have some choices (and this depends entirely on the level and the story you want to tell.)

  • Save the world (again, higher level).
  • Increase the magic so they can save everyone.
  • Speed up the process so they can save everyone (maybe go back to their world and find another answer using their own magic.)
  • Find a more suitable home/planet/plane for everyone.

Now,you can use this adventure to introduce another race that you've wanted to have. And soon after the new race is going run into the typical problems that expats run into and they will need a place to live. (And someone to raise all those babies if adults don't make it through.)

Let's hope the characters can save that world or help start a new one.

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