BTTD: #67: I Vote for the Large Clown Skeleton

published10 months ago
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Hope you are well and making the best of all of (makes gesture towards the planet.) I was going to talk about a new sourcebook that just came out, but alas, everyone is out of it. Go figure.

Here's a little adventure ideas for ya.

Let's talk about Mother Goose. She's coming for you.

The Tales That Come Back to Haunt Us

Your party heads to a town and maybe they are on their way back from an adventure, or maybe you need a little sidequest because a couple of your players dropped out last minute.

As they settle in, getting well-deserved rest at the inn, they hear shrieking. Small shadow goblins are attacking the town. Goblins entirely made of just. . .shadow. You can make them as tough as the party can handle, but they have red beady eyes and vicious daggers. Oh, added bonus, they are wicked fast.

Soon, other strange creatures start to attack parts of the town, scarecrows with blades for fingers, witches that have bags of holdings they stick puppies into, etc.

The characters, through some investigation, find out some information about the town:

  • There's a new school teacher in town.
  • A strange man sold wares and gave the children elvish candy.
  • The librarian recently passed away in the town (she was quite old, even for a dwarf.)

You can make any of them responsible, but what the characters are putting together is, the children's fairy tale creatures, those creatures that will get you if you misbehave have been somehow summoned.

Through some digging and searching, the characters find the book that contains these fairy tale nightmares and it allows them to prepare for the final battle. It can be anything your little nightmare heart desires: three headed fire troll, demonic unicorn, or large clown skeleton.

Take your pick.

But it's going to be a tough battle. The characters learned from the previous battles that their magic and weapons don't work all too well on these monsters. They technically aren't from here or are here.

They will have to figure out: children's toys and weapons will harm the creatures even more. They can even enlist the children to fight the creatures if they can. (I mean, their parents will be pissed off, but hey, what can you do? Kids, amirite?)

Maybe the elvish candy summoned them, maybe the new schoolteacher or the ghost of the librarian. And they will need to be dispatched as well, but this is a way to flex your muscles on creating a new kind of nightmare monster. Have fun with it.

I vote large clown skeleton.

What I'm Into This Week

If you're looking for a great book that saves you time as you DM, I can't recommend Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master by Sly Flourish. This book will save you hours prep time. Go get it.

I love me some simple one sheet RPGs. If you're looking to turn your Star Trek game into a horror game, well, someone thought of that.

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