BTTD #76: Festivals and What I'm Into

published8 months ago
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Hope you are well and having a good week. Chicago is warming up and I can't say I hate it. I'm walking a lot more to the coffee shop.

I'm working on a novel, The Compass Girls, set to be published somewhere in 2037. And there is a festival involved, so of course I have some ideas.


Your character have to get into a palace and have to win a battle of the bands. They can either take out the competition or they can earn it themselves.

Bards of a nefarious nature are using magic to charm people into giving over way more money than they should. Think an Evil Busker guild, but one of them has infiltrated the courts and they are starting to manipulate those who make the laws in the city.

There has been a massive ferris wheel built by artificers and well, it goes wrong, a lot of their rides go terribly, terribly wrong.

Creatures start to pour out of the hallway of mirrors and the characters have to defeat them and shatter the mirrors. But also, how did this happen?

One of the prizes at the festival is super cursed, but they can't just steal the prize, they have to earn it. They have to complete an American Ninja Warrior style obstacle course to get it and destroy the item.

What I'm Into This Week

Into Twitch? A high school buddy of mine does some Twitch streaming and would love some support and he's just getting started. He's DennKenobi and you can find him here! A follow or what have you would be great.

Wandavision. I mean. Wandavision.

Have a good week and talk to you guys in a couple of weeks! Perhaps sooner.

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