BTTD #79: Rifts and Expeditions

published5 months ago
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Hope you are having a good week. Sorry for the delay in getting this to you. Had some things happening (all good, just like TIME EATING) and you know, the pandemic.

So on with it.

I'm watching Shadow and Bone on Netflix and if you aren't into this yet, well buckle up.

In this world a rift has appeared, a shadowland that contains darkness and a multitude of monsters. Going through the rift is dangerous and costly, but could be fruitful and lucrative if you could guarantee a way through.

And that got me thinking. . .

Rifts on Rifts on Rifts

You could easily add a rift sort of episode to your campaign. Something has just landed in the middle of your world, a stretch of land that contains some kind of elemental or planar feel to it. This rift messes up trade routes and how people determine where a country starts and ends. The rift could even go straight down a city.

  • You could have the elemental plane of air come through and there is just a void where winged creatures rule. To get through you need an airship or two.
  • A rift from the elemental plane of fire could be filled with fiery creatures but contain prized wizardry goodies.
  • The rift could even be from the distant past, with dinosaurs and other ancient creatures.

I'd make the rift have limits so creatures aren't just pouring out (they can't get through from the other side), but it could make for a great "expedition" adventure. The players would have to go in and destroy the rift with some kind of device (using the device is relative to their level. Maybe they have to feed it spells. Maybe they have to kill a certain number of monsters. WHO KNOWS!)

And if you're looking for a book about a mysterious rift, besides Shadow and Bone, I'd check out: Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer. Great book.

What I'm Into This Week

I'm finishing up Golden Sun by Pierce Brown. It's so good I can't stand it.

I'm into my bookshelves this week. I've decided to rearrange my books and use the top bookshelf to be the READ THIS NEXT shelf so I can get through my to be read pile. They look all pretty and organized now.

Still analyzing Harry Potter stuff. I'm on book two, on chapter 4. I know. Riveting. I'm doing a big research project on magical academies for no one but myself (nerd). (Fact: Every book I've read that has a magical academy features some kind of conflict in a lunchroom. It's one of those weird things.)

I'm getting into Roam Research which is like a note taking/task management system on LSD. This Youtube video hooked me.

With someone with very, very profound ADHD---I need something to capture every whim I have permanently.

Alright. That's about it. Have a good week and I'll catch you on the flip.


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