BTTD #80: Trees, Bees, and Oh Geez. (Plus two board games I dig.)

published5 months ago
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It has been a minute. Recently I had some opportunities that came up that I had to pivot and focus on. Doesn't mean I didn't miss you. (And it's all good stuff. More on that in late July.(

Some RPG Ideas for Your Game

worms eye view of forest during day time

What if there was a forest in your land that just regenerated and grew very quickly. In a couple of days saplings became full grown trees. It could encroach on a nearby city or town. But recently. . . something has changed.

I'm thinking that lumber would be easy to have, but there would also be a massive fear around it as well. Here are the ideas you could explore:

  • What if lumberjacks stopped cutting down the trees? Would the forest start to overgrow? Take over the city?
  • What else is in the forest that is overgrown? I'm guessing bears. Very large angry bears. Or giant bees. (or both)
  • What's the source of the growth? Does it need to be stopped? Do druids dig this? Do they not dig this? I'm guessing they dig this.

grayscale photo of girl in polka dot long sleeve shirt
I just feel like the kid is crying, but also using magic?

For beginning players (or intermediate) they have been asked to supervise the care and guard the wellbeing of an important figure's offspring. In other words, they have to babysit some kind of royal figure. Spoiler: he's a pistol.

This could take place in a castle or manor, and you can determine the age yourself, but I like to go with a nine year old. Smart aleck, for sure, but also needy at the same time? And here's where the fun begins.

  • Oh snap, this kid is adopted and he's not what he appears. Maybe a doppelgänger. And maybe the doppelgänger finally has his big break to be free.
  • The nine year old gets a hold of keys and heads into the basement and just starts unlocking stuff. Just like doors. Bad doors. Bad kid. He has let something loose.
  • The characters are strictly forbidden to go down a hallway. The kid can go down the hallway, but not the characters. But the kid goes down the hallway. . . . somewhere and is crying for help. . . awesome.
  • The enemies of the parents show up to kidnap the kid. Your characters have to do a Home Alone situation. Rigging traps, etc.

Board Games I've Played

I've been playing a lot of Hadrian's Wall which can be fun solo as well. It's a sort of roll and write game where you want to make strategic choices so you get the most points. I really enjoy it. And when you put it away, its like 3 stacks of paper. DONE SON!

Recently played a Vampire game called Rivals. Basically a kill your rival or become the king of the city. It got a bit heated when one of our friends killed the other. I don't think we will ever play it again, but man, that ONE TIME, was great. (Kidding. We will play it again. Someday. 2031.)

Alright friends. Have a great week and I will catch you much sooner than much later.

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