BTTD #81: Books That are Games Now Plus Good Things.

published4 months ago
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I hope you are all out enjoying the summer. In Chicago, we have completely opened up so now I'm sitting in the coffeehouse where I came up with this newsletter. It has been awhile (and my boyfriend and I are on a quest to find other coffeehouses in the city.)

I've had some ideas for some RPGs lately and have played some great board games recently. Here we go.


black and yellow bee on wooden surface
Nothing Like the Sun for these Bees

I mentioned bees in the last newsletter and I have been pondering them lately. When a bee stings you, it dies. That's sad. I mean you get a bee sting and unless you were traumatized by this movie or are allergic to bees, you're probably fine.

But what if a druid wasn't happy about that. And somehow they started magically and genetically engineering bees that when they sting, they transfer some of their essence or consciousness into the victim so that they too protect the hive. Do with that what you will. (I know, I've been on a crazy Druid kick lately.)

Coffee and the Gods

teal and white cup on brown tree log

What if a continent discovered coffee? Maybe elves? Maybe gnomes. Halflings? Sure. Why not?

And people just loved it and there was a new game in town. Wizards could see its magical effects and they start brewing it. Artificers get in the game and people start planting it elsewhere. Soon it gets the attention of royalty and other nations and they start a war over it.

The Coffee Wars. I'd play in that campaign.

Two Great Board Games

Want a game that will burn your brain as you try to maximize your hand? Red Rising is that game and I really enjoy it but it is cutthroat and prison rules (as our gaming group calls it) are in effect. And if you are going to get it, get the collector's edition: worth it.

The other one by the same company is Euphoria, a worker placement game but you don't want your workers to be too happy. Just like slightly, slightly happy. Enjoyed it. Is it because I won the first time we played? Nothing to do with that.

Kickstarter You Might Dig

Thought an action movie RPG style game would be a lot of fun so I decided to kick this: Tide Breaker. I liked the art and the concept (and by the way I get ZERO for recommending Kickstarters. Anything I back, I usually tend to announce. But no kickbacks from the kickstarter. Dig?

Alright. That's it for this week. In personal news I recently had some great news happen and you can read about that here.

For those of you who have been here a minute, I'm wrapping up my 10^7 draft of my book The Compass Girls. It's due to my editor this week. And here's my advice for writing a book: maybe don't?

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