Don't Miss Out: BTTD #82: Well, Change is the Name of the Game

published3 months ago
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Hope your summer is going well (or whatever season you are in, my Aussie readers.)

I'm about a month into a new job and it's been a lot of content and training so forgive my slothfulness.

I'll keep this quick since it's Monday after all.

First, the content of this newsletter is going to shift a bit and be more about fantasy writing in general: books, story ideas, reviews, and just the writing craft in general. I'll mention board-games and RPGS, because that's what I like, but it will look more like:

New banner!

So I just wanted you to know there's a change coming. FEAR NOT!

Second, I use Converkit for this newsletter but will be changing to Hubspot because, well, they let me have it for free! Nothing wrong with Convertkit, but it will save me about $400 a year and that's a lot of paperback books. There may be glitches. You may receive an old email or a long hidden recipe for shepherd's pie. WHO KNOWS?!

Third, I handed in my draft for The Compass Girls last month (again, I was writing like a fiend! A fiend I say!) and I'm going to keep you posted on that. I'm about 50,000 words into a book called, The 12 Steps of Magic, where a bunch of addicts of various and nefarious types are magicians trying to stop some terrible child murders. SUPER ENCOURAGING!

And last, thanks for all of your patience and loyalty in the 82+ issues. In the next couple of months I'm going to move over to Hubspot and then you will most likely get a different format of this newsletter, but it will be the same spry, sarcastic and typo-filled mess. And a blog is coming forthwith! I will keep you appraised.

And if you want to unsubscribe, I completely understand. I'm going to transfer email lists over next weekend. But I'd really appreciate if you stayed. Let's see what I can make.


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